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Tuna Drops

In Los Angeles, CA off Wilshire Blvd and Wellesley Ave is an amazing sushi place called Hara Sushi. I was introduced to this place by my friend Vensy Props. Hara Sushi has some really delicious and unique rolls. Some of my personal favorites: Terminator Roll Wilshire Roll Tuna Drop The Tuna Drop

La Palma Chicken Pie Shop Soup

My parents introduced me to the La Palma Chicken Pie Shop, which they had been going to for years. The restaurant was famous for their chicken pot pies and soup. Both made in-house. I fell in love with the soup and would crave it a lot. My dad had been trying to

How to Order from Amazon Japan

For many otaku overseas, it is sometimes hard to come across good deals on many of the amazing things we wish to buy of our favorite series'. Well... did you know that for some items, you are able to order from Amazon Japan and have them shipped directly to you for amazingly

Custom Hinata Hyuuga Dakimakura

As some may know, I'm obsessed over Hinata from Naruto. I've purchased as much fan-art of her from artist alleys around the US as I could. Official merchandise of Hinata is extremely slim pickings though so I'm basically stuck on having to resort to fan-made stuff at the moment. Something I really

[Hercules] Quest Bubbles

While working on the new Novice Academy script files I yet again ran across a rather large use of the Quest Bubbles in Ragnarok. These bubbles are basically a small icon that appears above an NPC's head and marks their location on the mini-map. It's primarily used to show the location of

My Room of Otakuness [2012]

Recently I had my girlfriend take some pictures for the Worldwide Otaku Report. So we figured why not post them on my blog? So that's what I'm doing :) Enjoy the awesomeness: My Computer Desk. Have some sexy figures & my giant Rei figure to keep me company while I code stuffs. Here's