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Organizing Doujinshi Collection

So at this point, I own around 400 doujinshi. Previously they had been organized on a single shelf on an IKEA Billy Bookcase, with no plastic sleeves. However, at a certain point the weight of the books had become so heavy that the shelf had begun to warp and sink down. Fearing the possible worse scenario of the shelf collapsing, and to further protect my collection I set out on a goal of protecting and organizing this ever going collection in the best way possible.

First off, I purchased three of ULTRA PRO's Golden Age (pack of 100) Comic Book Bags and three of their Golden Age (pack of 100) Comic Boards. The size of these bags and backings are 7.75 x 10.50 inches, most doujinshi come in a Japanese B5 size which is 7.17 x 10.12 inches, so they fit in the bags and there's a tiny bit of extra room for thicker books.

When I got the bags and backings in the mail, I begun the process of transfer my entire doujinshi collection into the bags with backings. To keep the top flap of the bag closed I got some low strength double sided tape, and applied it to the back of the bag so that it wouldn't lift up with the flap when opened. Having the tape stick to the flap when opened is potentially damaging to the doujinshi cover when attempting to be removed from the bag.

After all the doujinshi was organized into their bags, I needed to new a new piece of furniture to store them in. I really dislike the whole pulling doujinshi from a shelf to see which one it is, than sliding it back in. There are too many risks for damage in my opinion. So instead, I wanted to store them in a way where they could be inside drawers and be going through from the top. This makes the process of finding a particular doujin must faster.

For this purpose, I went for the IKEA KALLAX storage unit with LEKMAN inserts.

After all was said and done, I think it turned out pretty well.