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Small Experience Glitch on Ragnarok (iRO)

Fixed as of 11/22/2013 after reporting this to Gravity US.

So today while I was playing around with the Novice Academy scripts on iRO I came across this interesting bug. This bug allowed my novice to level up to level 13 by continually getting 200 xp given to him from the NPC dialog.

How this bug works is an oversight by the person who was in charge of localizing the file for iRO. There is a section of the script that gives the player 200 exp for accepting trying out the thief skills. However, this same npc also allows them to cancel the quest and drop back into that previous dialog and get the exp again. Other versions of RO have commented out this getexp 200 command to fix the exploit.

It's a bit hard to understand from just reading, so below is a video of the exploit.

Warp Portal / Gravity US, seriously... these Novice Academy scripts are full of broken English, exploits, and broken NPCs. Please learn to quality check your localization before implementing them.