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RuneScape Glitch : God Statue Infinite Construction XP

Please Note: Abusing bugs within RuneScape is against the rules and can result in a ban of your account. Do not abuse glitches! This is only a post to assist Jagex is fixing the bug.

A new exploit has appeared in RuneScape with the release of the new God Statue Distraction & Diversion. This glitch allows the abuser to give themselves infinite Construction XP by abusing the xp reward given to them by completing the D&D.

How the bug is performed

  1. Put your RuneScape client into "Fixed" resolution.
  2. Go to one of the statues in-game.
  3. Start the mini-game by selecting "Build Scaffolding".
  4. Once the interface for the mini-game appears, find someone on your friend's list in the same world and use the "World Hop" Option by right clicking them and selecting "Join". Your interface should now have the mini-game's interface over-layed over it.
  5. Click the arrows and talk to the Sculptor until you have the correct order (basically like playing the game normally).
  6. Once you have the correct order, you are now able to just continually talk to the Sculptor by clicking his icon on the top and you keep getting xp for it.
Possible Fixes:
  • Recommended Make it so you can't "Join" someone on your friend's list when the D&D interface is active.

  • Make it to the friend's list is not accessible while the interface is active.