The Piracy of Anime and Manga

TL;DR : Stop pirating anime and manga if you have the legal means to acquire / watch it. If you don’t have a legal means to get a hold of it, start demanding it from the license holder by contacting them directly through the proper channels. Show that there’s a demand in your region. There has been so much talk lately about the piracy of anime & manga lately due to Japan’s new operation to protect one of their most important cultural exports, anime / manga. Even before this though, there have been heated debates among fans regarding the ethics of … Continued

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My Room of Otakuness [2012]

Recently I had my girlfriend take some pictures for the Worldwide Otaku Report. So we figured why not post them on my blog? So that’s what I’m doing :) Enjoy the awesomeness:                   Girlfriend didn’t take pics of the last two selves, they are an assorted array of figures I’ve collected. Maybe we can post em’ later.<       Finally… Here’s some shots of my doujinshi collection! :D