How to Order from Amazon Japan

For many otaku overseas, it is sometimes hard to come across good deals on many of the amazing things we wish to buy of our favorite series’. Well… did you know that for some items, you are able to order from Amazon Japan and have them shipped directly to you for amazingly low shipping costs? It’s true! No proxy service needed! In this short guide, I will walk you through the steps on registering an account on Amazon Japan, placing an order, and having it shipped to you. First things first, head over to Amazon JP by clicking here: Amazon … Continued

The Piracy of Anime and Manga

TL;DR : Stop pirating anime and manga if you have the legal means to acquire / watch it. If you don’t have a legal means to get a hold of it, start demanding it from the license holder by contacting them directly through the proper channels. Show that there’s a demand in your region. There has been so much talk lately about the piracy of anime & manga lately due to Japan’s new operation to protect one of their most important cultural exports, anime / manga. Even before this though, there have been heated debates among fans regarding the ethics of … Continued

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My Room of Otakuness [2012]

Recently I had my girlfriend take some pictures for the Worldwide Otaku Report. So we figured why not post them on my blog? So that’s what I’m doing :) Enjoy the awesomeness:                   Girlfriend didn’t take pics of the last two selves, they are an assorted array of figures I’ve collected. Maybe we can post em’ later.<       Finally… Here’s some shots of my doujinshi collection! :D