How to make Disney’s Louisiana Lemonade

Those who have been to Disneyland’s Blue Bayou know how delicious this drink is. It’s really simple to make at home, in fact everything you need to know is right on the menu when you read it. So, here is how to make the amazing Louisiana Lemonade. What you will need: Minute Maid Lemonade Sprite Torani Mango Syrup Torani Raspberry Syrup This recipe will make enough of the lemonade for three to four people. So what you will need to do; first grab a nice sized jug that you will be pouring the drink from. Add 2 cups of Minute Maid … Continued

[Cooking] Alfredo Sauce

Serves 3 ~ 4 people Ingredients 1 Cup – Heavy Cream 1 Cup – Unsalted Butter 1 Cup – Grated / Shredded Parmesan Cheese (Actual parmesan, not that powdered crap in a bottle) 1 Cup – Grated / Shredded Mozzarella Cheese Olive Oil Salt Garlic Instructions Finely mince some fresh garlic and add it to a medium pot with a bit of olive oil on a medium-low heat. Let the garlic get a nice light golden color (don’t let them burn). Add butter and a small splash of olive oil to the same pan. Melt the butter over a low heat. (Olive … Continued


Organizing Doujinshi Collection

So at this point, I own around almost 300 doujinshi. Previously they had been organized on a single shelf on an IKEA Billy Bookcase, with no plastic sleeves. However, at a certain point the weight of the books had become so heavy that the shelf had begun to warp and sink down. Fearing the possible worse scenario of the shelf collapsing, and to further protect my collection I set out on a goal of protecting and organizing this ever going collection in the best way possible. First off, I purchased three of ULTRA PRO’s Golden Age (pack of 100) Comic Book Bags and … Continued


.hack//ARMS : Sword of Kite

Comic Market has once again come and gone. CyberConnect2 sold some amazing new dot hack merchandise at their booth yet again. This year they sold four spectacular canvas art works of Kite, Haseo, Alkaid and Blackrose (from .hack//Guilty Dragon), as well as a replica of Kite’s Twin Blade weapons from .hack// vol 1 ~ 4 games from the Playstation 2.     Sadly I was not able to get my hands on the art works from Comiket, but thankfully I was able to acquire the .hack//ARMS : Sword of Kite. Now I know what you’re going to say: “Noooo~ I … Continued


How to Order from Amazon Japan

For many otaku overseas, it is sometimes hard to come across good deals on many of the amazing things we wish to buy of our favorite series’. Well… did you know that for some items, you are able to order from Amazon Japan and have them shipped directly to you for amazingly low shipping costs? It’s true! No proxy service needed! In this short guide, I will walk you through the steps on registering an account on Amazon Japan, placing an order, and having it shipped to you. First things first, head over to Amazon JP by clicking here: Amazon … Continued

The Piracy of Anime and Manga

TL;DR : Stop pirating anime and manga if you have the legal means to acquire / watch it. If you don’t have a legal means to get a hold of it, start demanding it from the license holder by contacting them directly through the proper channels. Show that there’s a demand in your region. There has been so much talk lately about the piracy of anime & manga lately due to Japan’s new operation to protect one of their most important cultural exports, anime / manga. Even before this though, there have been heated debates among fans regarding the ethics of … Continued


[NSFW] Anti-Furry Facebook

So… recently I had commissioned the wonderfully amazing artist, Jailbird, to create a new reference sheet of my fursona. Finally on 3/7/2014, it was finished. It came out beautifully, as shown below: Obviously this is a bit too not safe for work to be shared on social media (especially on Facebook). So I cropped the image and pixelized the sheath, just to be overly cautious, as my Facebook account already had ‘two strikes’. These “strikes” came from someone on my friends list reporting two images I had on my account which featured covers of doujinshi I bought. Anyways, back to … Continued

Hinata Dakimakura

Custom Hinata Hyuuga Dakimakura

As many may know, I’m obsessed over Hinata from Naruto. I’ve purchased as much fan-art of her from artist alleys around the US as I could. Official merchandise of Hinata is extremely slim pickings though so I’m basically stuck on having to resort to fan-made stuff at the moment. Something I really wanted is a custom dakimakura of Hinata. This is obviously something that would never be approved by the studio that makes Naruto. So I searched around both DeviantArt and Pixiv for an artist who has done dakimakura designs before, and were willing to take commissions. I eventually found an … Continued


Cosplay Community from an Outside Perspective

Before you begin reading this article, I would like to preface that I am not a cosplayer (I attempted to cosplay in 2007, but it was terrible (Never Again!)), nor a photographer. This article is purely my personal opinion of the cosplay community from my outside perspective. These are the conclusions I’ve come to over the years of attending / staffing conventions, and being friends with a fairly large number of well-known cosplayers and photographers. From my view, the cosplay community used to be something innocent; dressing up as your favorite character while attending a convention or gathering. However, it … Continued

[Fixed] Small Experience Glitch on Ragnarok (iRO)

Fixed as of 11/22/2013 after reporting this to Gravity US.   So today while I was playing around with the Novice Academy scripts on iRO I came across this interesting bug. This bug allowed my novice to level up to level 13 by continually getting 200 xp given to him from the NPC dialog. How this bug works is an oversight by the person who was in charge of localizing the file for iRO. There is a section of the script that gives the player 200 exp for accepting trying out the thief skills. However, this same npc also … Continued